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As a performer I specialise in character, popping and hip hop dance. After spending a few years in theatre however, I have developed ways of moving that demonstrate agility and power along with intricacy and control.

I have performed in a wide variety of places over the past few years and have put together a short showreel of some of my favourite ones including; Got to Dance on sky 1, Olivier Awards and The European Games in Baku. 



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I was fortunate enough to be part of the popping specialist group 'ProMotion' for little over 3 years and shared the stage with them more times than I can remember. 

One of the pieces I was most happy to perform was the set 'Amalgamotion'. Choreographed by Brooke Milliner, it is a high energy set that highlights each member of the group and how well each work together. 


Having performed it around the world I had gathered enough footage to create a compilation of the set.