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ProMotion - Ideas in motion

A piece now performed at The Place, London & Breakin Convention; Sadlers Wells London, Luxembourg & Charlotte North Carolina.

'Ideas in motion' is a 20 minute theatre piece that explores the style of Popping in a multitude of ways. It has playful sections where we pretend our friend is a broken robot, an acapella section where we dance only to our own voices, a gripping piece performed to a rock track and more. 


It has been one of my most fun experiences on stage and something I would strongly recommend watching to see a style everyone loves used in ways never seen before.

Here is a 2 minute excerpt of the piece. Enjoy!

ProMotion Breakin Convention

ProMotion Breakin Convention

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U.M.A. - Simple Cypher

Simple Cypher is a show where multiple performers come together to demonstrate the aspects of their art they enjoy the most in a casual setting. Myself and two other members of our dance group U.M.A. demonstrated our love for simple movement, patterns and symmetry.

Here is a small section to the song 'Far away from here', artist 'IAMNOBODI'.